What We’ve Got Here is a Failure to Communicate…

Sometimes your new languages can backfire on you. On the Diskuto Blog, Brendan relates a few mishaps and misadventures while out road testing his brand new languages Link.

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Centre Francophone – French cultural and community centre

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Centre Francophone - French cultural centreentry: 973
Centre Francophone

Provider type: community centre

Offering type: cultural centre
Total cost: na

Cost per hour: na
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Ludicrous language analogy?

Over at the Diskuto Blog I’m comparing the life of a polyglot to the life of the polygamist on Sister Wives. Are you also on the lookout for new tongues to join an existing language harem?

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Meet a nice family from Nanjing City on St. George St.

Kaiping (at right) and her family come from Nanjing City (close to Shanghai). Kaiping is a visiting scholar at U of T.

Over at the Diskuto blog Khady explains why it’s much easier to keep up her Mandarin in Toronto than in Paris. Read full post.

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It’s just a language, you won’t drown…

Over on the Diskuto blog, Brendan writes about his technique for getting people to speak new languages: make them jump right in!

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