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Google Translate launches (Android-only) offline app - Toronto Languages

Google Translate launches (Android-only) offline app


C-3PO is fluent in over six million forms of communication, but never seems to understand what R2D2 is up to. Less grammar, more culture for you 3PO!

Google continues to reach out to the hugely influential language-lover demographic and drive polyglots away from their iPhones.

Google Translate has launched its popular app in a fully offline version—”no Internet required”—with support for 50 languages. Android users are now one step closer to becoming full-time C-3POs!

Hopefully the information behemoth will see the value in offering this to users with iOS, Blackberry and other platforms in the future.

For Torontonians travelling abroad without satellite or wifi access on their mobile device, this offline feature will be a huge plus.

And given that the TTC probably won’t get underground wifi until well after the next Star Wars trilogy is complete, it might be good for talking to strangers on the subway too.

Although 50 languages is impressive for an app, it still pales in comparison to hundreds spoken in TO. If you want to translate from Marathi to Old Church Slavonic, you will still need a protocol droid.

Pat was born and grew up in Toronto, the most multilingual city on Earth. He speaks one language well (English), two languages passably (French, Italian), three languages badly (German, Spanish, Russian), and six languages hardly at all (Latin, Ancient Greek, Arabic; Mandarin, Japanese, Portuguese). He is the founder of Diskuto and editor of torontolanguages.com.

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