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Diskuto Celebrates Toronto's Language Culture - Toronto Languages

Diskuto Celebrates Toronto’s Language Culture

Diskuto's launch party was April 8. www.diskuto.ca

Diskuto’s launch party was April 8. Diskuto will launch English, French, and Spanish events in 2013. www.diskuto.ca

“In a way, we are all language novices,” says Diskuto founder Pat Tanzola, and I could not agree more. In fact, one of the most exhilarating rewarding experiences is stepping outside of one’s linguistic comfort zone and exploring a new language. Diskuto provides a culture and events that promote just that: a courageous down-to-earth fun-loving approach to language acquisition.

On April 8, 2013 Diskuto hosted its successful launch party at University of Toronto’s beautiful and historic Hart House (see launch party pics). Meeting and interacting with fellow language lovers was both encouraging and thrilling for me. I met people that were overcoming their fears of public speaking and who entered the Best Complaint about English speech contest (the winner won favour of the crowd and $50). I met those that spoke many languages and wanted to keep them alive—something they could do by attending Diskuto’s many upcoming events. But most importantly I met fellow world citizens who were excited about mutual learning, connection and growth.

There are many ways to learn and practise a language: language exchange clubs, casual conversations with strangers, audio lessons, classes. Now, with Diskuto there is a new alternative that marries a relaxed atmosphere with thoughtfully structured interactive games. I am most certainly looking forward to Diskuto’s future events!

Diskuto is indeed a celebration of language, curiosity and interconnectedness and it has been my privilege to witness its birth. As a life-long learner and lover of diverse cultures, I hope to share my knowledge with others to help them on their journey, as they contribute to my own development, as we all have fun and forge new connections. See you at future events, fellow Diskutizens!

Mariya (that's “Maria” with a twist) has a B.A. Spec. Hons. degree in Sociology from York University with a focus on knowledge formation and education. She is a self-employed tutor, events coordinator, writer, blogger, photographer and avid volunteer. Currently living in Toronto, Mariya is originally from beautiful Kiev, Ukraine. Born into a largely Russian-speaking family, she attended English classes from age three and then studied at a specialized linguistic school majoring in English, Ukrainian and Russian. For the past couple of years Mariya has been learning Spanish and Japanese. She is a passionate traveller and continuous learner, always open to new perspectives and cultures. Mariya offers tutoring in a variety of subjects: to learn more or to get in touch go to her profile on universitytutor.com.

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