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diskuto Archives - Toronto Languages

LOL = Love of Languages at Diskuto’s French and Spanish corners

Diskuto lip balm and breath mints

Participants jostle for the opportunity to help you learn new words, improve spoken grammar, and listen to us stumbling, stuttering novices with an incredibly compassionate intensity, as though our next words hold the keys to the secret of immortality.

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What We’ve Got Here is a Failure to Communicate…

Sometimes your new languages can backfire on you. On the Diskuto Blog, Brendan relates a few mishaps and misadventures while out road testing his brand new languages Link.

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Meet a nice family from Nanjing City on St. George St.

Kaiping (at right) and her family come from Nanjing City (close to Shanghai). Kaiping is a visiting scholar at U of T.

Over at the Diskuto blog Khady explains why it’s much easier to keep up her Mandarin in Toronto than in Paris. Read full post.

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It’s just a language, you won’t drown…

Over on the Diskuto blog, Brendan writes about his technique for getting people to speak new languages: make them jump right in!

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Diskuto Celebrates Toronto’s Language Culture

“In a way, we are all language novices,” says Diskuto founder Pat Tanzola, and I could not agree more. In fact, one of the most exhilarating rewarding experiences is stepping outside of one’s linguistic comfort zone and exploring a new

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